NZ Property & Sales Data

Headway Systems is a leading supplier of New Zealand Property (DVR) and Property Sales (DVR Sales) data to Property Professionals and has been for the past 20 years. Headway is the only bulk property and sales data provider owned and operated right here in New Zealand. We are 50% owned by the New Zealand Institute of Valuers (NZIV). Headway maintains ongoing relationships and data supply agreements with all Territorial Authorities across NZ and can offer data solutions in both bulk and API forms to suit your project needs. Talk to us today regarding your data requirements for your new property...

Valbiz V8

At its simplest Valbiz V8 is your practice's own future proofed property & sales database. Search for comparable sales & view up-to-date and detailed property information. Valbiz V8 is designed to be your practice's own property centric IP capture point. All activities associated with property documentation can be easily accessed by all in your practice via the Valbiz Property record. Reduce your risks & prevent conflicts of interest. Streamline your information pathways with Valbiz V8. Add the Valbiz Analysis module to capture, calculate & report out Residential, Rural & Commercial analysis.


Premise is an online map-centric cadastral information system.  It has been built from the ground-up under consultation with industry professionals and offers features and data that no other tools in NZ provide.


QuickMap is New Zealand's market-leading desktop Geographical Information System (GIS), bundled with a comprehensive New Zealand wide property database. It delivers easy access to Titles, Aerial Photographs, Survey and topographic data and much more. Most Surveyors, Valuers, Real Estate Agents and Builders rely on QuickMap to help meet their property information needs. It is also used extensively by central and local government, utilities and others to help manage or administer their asset base through integrating their data into QuickMap.


Prover is New Zealand's online property information system providing up-to-date titles, legal documents, aerial photography, property maps, sales history, and more. Available under license to all, Prover provides a very easy to use integrated online tool with the market-leading title, owner and address search features, and incredible FREE to view online title previews. Favoured by lawyers, valuers and planners, you'll be pleased with your choice.

QuickMap SalesView

Overlay Sales on Maps... The QuickMap SalesView expansion pack adds additional property information and sales data to QuickMap and has been designed with Valuers, Property Investors and Real Estate Agents in mind. SalesView adds advanced filtering and reporting functionality to QuickMap to allow you to analyse the data in ways not normally possible with other systems on the market.